I hope you enjoy looking at the photos. To get started just click on the 'Gallery' button above then the album of your choice.

Unfortunately we cannot set up purchasing on this site. If you wish to order any photos please send me an email at photos@roanjora.co.uk

Please include your name and address, the name of the Album, and the name(s) / number(s) and sizes of the photos you would like.

Standard 8" x 6" prints and 10" x 8" prints come in a free card mount but currently these are not available in the other sizes

Glossy prints in Card mount




7” x 5” print



8” x 6” mounted print



10” x 8” mounted print



12” x 8” print






P&P - £2.00 per order. Collect at shows free

Canvas Prints
We only supply canvas prints that are made using 500gsm heavy grade woven canvas, stretched over a wooden frame and ready to mound on your wall.
They are printed using a technique called dye sublimation printing which means fusing your image deep in into the fibres of the real woven canvas giving deep rich colour, matt finish and no common plastic coating or shiny surface.
It will not scratch and is a quality product built to last.




Canvas prints 12” x 12” (approx)


P&P - £5.00 per canvas

Canvas prints 12” x 16” (approx)


P&P - £5.00  per canvas

Canvas prints 16” x 20” (approx)


P&P - £10.00 per canvas

Canvas prints 16” x 24” (approx)


P&P - £15.00 per canvas

Canvas prints 20” x 24” (approx)


P&P - £15.00 per canvas







No P&P if you want to collect your canvas at a show.


Don't forget your address or we can arrange for you to collect them at selected shows.

We can accept payment by cheque or paypal. I will contact you on receipt of your order to arrange.



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